Thursday, February 7, 2013

Feminists and Traditionalists are Natural Bedfellows

The dark side of female nature is routinely swept under the carpet, or excused, or "prettied up" in a number of ways. Such rationalizing behavior (often loosely termed "chivalry") has deep roots in the culture at large. Clearly then, it long predates the radical 1960s when the current feminist regime got started.

And that feminist regime itself is as much an offshoot of historically existing culture as anything else is. It did not pop into the universe out of nowhere; it grew from what existed. And so the feminist principle that women can do no wrong taps into the same chivalrous "patriarchal" order from which it arose. It draws upon the deep-structural gynocentrism of the "sugar and spice" tradition, and perpetuates that tradition in a disguised form.

Feminism aims not to terminate the so-called patriarchy but to turn it into something controlled, firstly, by feminist men and women, and secondly, by "white knight" gynocentrists from the ranks of traditionalists. In the end, the group in the crossfire will be men who, by whatever combination of methods, minimize female control over their lives. Feminists and traditionalists would both harbor a natural antagonism toward that group.


  1. ever notice how the TWRA are claiming to be the "real" women's rights, meaning they didn't get enough privledge and want some of the ol privledge back, the yare against feminism for teh wrong reasons! and im getting rather tired also of the "new right" or "alt right" morons, non-feminists "alpha" wannabes can do as they please, so long as they are not engaged in shaming an opposition force or promote chivalry...

  2. We must pressure such people to simply declare themselves feminist.

    1. their beliefs are as gynocentric as feminists, so yes, that is a good plan indeed!

  3. The parenthood between gynocentrism and feminism is something i always suspect without being able to articulate. In gynocentric logic, men should carry the weight of all responsibility, while women can disguise their will with ambiguous language and the hysterical myth that they don`t know what they want. Men have the credit for history, but more risks. so, the same logic that make men look like the dominant force, is the logic that make his disposable. To call it patriarchy is to use a name looking to the surface of the gynocentric logic. (sorry by the bad english)

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