Monday, February 11, 2013

The Growth of Ill-Feeling Between the Sexes

Feminism has no reason to encourage the growth of moral intelligence among women at large, but every reason to encourage the opposite -- and to blame men for the social dysfunctionality which follows.

And feminism's void of edifying discourse melds seamlessly with the human proclivity to be lazy and venal. This proclivity is common to both men and women, but here the tendency is one-sidedly encouraged among the female population: women are led to believe they can do no wrong, while men may suffer an adverse construction of any word or deed.

All things considered, it is small wonder that a lot of men look at women in the aggregate and see complicit sheep at best and feministically-minded man-haters at worst. It is a combination of factors which can only breed misogyny. Yes: under certain conditions mildew will grow. Likewise, under certain conditions misogyny will grow. Given the necessary conditions, we can predict either outcome.

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