Saturday, February 2, 2013

What is the Non-Feminist Revolution?

The non-feminist revolution is not a "movement", but a largely unconscious demographic upwelling of resistance to feminism and its consequences.  It is an objectively historical process, of a spontaneous, organic and amoral character. We did not instigate this "revolution". We merely recognized it and gave it a name.

In the end, the non-feminist revolution is not an identifiable human target group. Rather, it operates as a cloud of forces manifesting through human actions which can sometimes be politically linked to each other, but other times not. And ever since recognizing the objective reality of the non-feminist revolution, our concern has been to harness the energy of it so as to make it politically efficient. 

To make the non-feminist revolution politically efficient means both to minimize the transit time from a feminist world to a post-feminist world, and to minimize whatever chaos and human misery might attend that process.

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