Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Left-Feminism is a Blood Sucker

Gynocentrism is what binds feminism together across the political spectrum from left to right. The left differs from the right because it adds leftist ideology to the gynocentric mix. This "empowers" women to do a lot of things which traditionalism would not permit. You might say that the 'left' gives women a whole new set of power tools.

And yet, please observe that there is no general feminist outcry for women to give up traditional gynocentric advantages from the the right (i.e. chivalry). That makes perfect sense because if women actually did give up those traditional advantages, it would make the left version of feminism collapse and expire. 

In the end, the feminist left gets the bulk of its blood supply from the feminist right.  And that blood supply is nothing less than old-school gynocentrism.


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