Thursday, January 10, 2013

Anti-Male Emotion Defines Feminism

Feminism's binding principle and driving force is disaffection toward men and maleness. This is arrayed on a spectrum, with mild disenchantment to the lower end, and vitriolic animosity, bordering on psychopathic, to the upper. If disaffection toward men, as men, did not exist in the world generally, then feminism itself would not exist. Feminism is not driven by vehemence about mere issues and abstract principles. Its politics are rooted in personal feelings about men.  Feminism's political, you would say, is personal. And so personal emotion is the only thing that keeps feminism in motion. And this is true to an extent that might be termed metaphysical. In sum, feminism as a whole is metaphysically anti-male, or a priori anti-male.

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