Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Weeding Out Politically Unsuitable Women

More and more women are speaking out against feminism and a lot of men in the activated community are acting cynical about the motives of such women. Such men are voicing fears of  "infiltration" by such women, and are sure that such women are up to no good. I understand what these men are saying and, up to a point, I share their concerns. It is undoubtedly true that an uncontrolled female presence in the wrong sectors will set things back -- and I say this in a spirit of  realism and pragmatism, trusting that others will weigh my sentiments accordingly.

However, I cannot agree that openly anti-feminist rhetoric among women is anything but a positive development. Seriously, if women themselves are denouncing feminism it cannot bode well for feminism, can it?

But I would allow that SOME of these women are plotting to subvert male autonomy, and hence, the non-feminist revolution as a whole. That said, I would propose a simple method for detecting them and weeding them out. You must monitor every purportedly anti-feminist woman to ascertain that she is walking the pro-male walk, and not simply talking the anti-feminist talk. So question the candidate about the sanctity of male space. If for any reason at all, she bristles at the idea that men should have times and places where women are excluded, you should immediately toss her application onto the reject pile. By contrast, women who are fine with that idea will get a relatively high security clearance, and be groomed as leaders of other women.