Thursday, January 24, 2013

Feminism Has Reason to be Fearful

Supporters of the feminist regime are getting scared. I have a keen nose, and I can smell their fear in the wind. Well they should be fearful. If I were them, I too would be brimming over with fear and guilt, and I would be pulling back into my shell with all deliberate speed, doing as much damage control as possible along my line of retreat. Then I would stay out of sight for a good long while, quietly licking my wounds and pulling my thoughts together. Yes, that is what I would be doing if I were them. I speak from a place of empathy. Get it?

Very well. When all of this is over, when the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, post-feminist society will differ profoundly from both feminist society and pre-feminist society. The lessons of history will need to be instilled -- and I mean pedagogically instilled! -- and the culture will need to be transformed in such a way that this kind of thing never, never, ever happens again.


  1. Yep....a post feminist society like the ukraine is VERY different from a pre-feminist society.