Thursday, January 10, 2013

It is Easier to DESCRIBE Feminism Than to Define It

In order to make feminism answer for itself we must reduce it to a definite something -- a target of understanding -- that can be held answerable. And our quest for that definite target reveals a dynamic underlying process that pervades the world of events and conditions, a thing can better be described than defined. In short, we have learned to understand feminism as a social organism, and we have seen that this organism includes many things you wouldn't necessarily call feminism at all.

This can be very confusing, but the meta-logic of female supremacism binds it all together and makes it both intelligible and targetable. The apparent chaos of conflicting tendencies and rules will line up and make sense when you consider that feminism, in its entirety, is identical with female supremacism. Those two are the very same thing. So we may use "feminism" and "female supremacism" interchangeably, and we may gradually educate the public to do likewise

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