Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feminism's Essence is Visible to Outsiders from Where They Stand

If feminists were honest, they would call themselves what they are: female supremacists. But they can't afford to be honest because they are playing a game of stealth and they need to be surreptitious. So they call themselves "feminists" because it is easier to sell that name to the general public.

The complete phenomenology of female supremacism outdistances what any given feminist would openly acknowledge to be feminism, and the word feminism itself operates as a misdirection of attention. So if we marshall our understanding according to feminist categories, we will never stop looking where the feminist finger is pointing, and that finger will never point us toward victory or truth. Indeed, it will never point us toward anything but a continually evolving female supremacist future.

And that is why we should brush aside quite brusquely what feminists say about feminism. We non-feminists in general, and men in particular, are on the receiving end of feminist innovation. The impact is on US, so we have a perfect right to say what feminism is or isn't from our own end of the transaction. Our input upon that point is as valid as any. We know best of all where the shoe pinches our foot.

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