Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To Be Not-Feminist, is a Serious Decision

As non-feminists, we may concur that feminism is not the best plan. That is why we are not feminists. And so whatever we severally understand feminism to be, we can at least agree that the word feminism itself cannot mean anything good. We can agree that the word is contaminated, and that we should brand it with a social stigma. And we can agree that to be not a feminist is a thing of decisive consequence, and that whosoever repudiates feminism must do so with adamantine resolution. It is no light matter to say you are not a feminist. It is a weighty decision, and not some passing fancy that you will toss away tomorrow like a will-o-the-wisp, only to snatch it back two days later so you can toss it away again.

So again, we have concurred that the word feminism signifies something not-good. And having done this, we may likewise concur that feminism itself must be targeted for corrective operations. But in order for that to happen, we must concur upon a target -- which brings back the problem that we have not concurred upon a definition. So it looks like we must, eventually, somehow, concur upon a definition of feminism. And having done so, we may at last reach target consensus, so as to know precisely where we should direct our operations.


  1. My attempt at a definition.

    Feminism is a pervasive social and political ideology subscribed to by a minority of women and even smaller minority of men, and whilst representative of only of those subscribers views and desires, commands the social and political power to force its will though laws and policy onto the majority. The central tenant of feminism are the false belief in universal female oppression and victimisation by all men acting via the mythical patriarchy. Although claiming gender equality as a principle, they seek only female advantage and entitlement and ignore male disadvantage and discrimination. Destruction of the family is an acknowledged goal of feminism, and when you seek to destroy the building block of civil society you seek to destroy civilisation itself.

  2. Very good! :)

    And now the short version, as formulated by Adam Kostakis:

    "Feminism is the project to increase the power of women."