Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Non-Feminist Invasion of Feminist Mindspace

At the heart of the non-feminist revolution, lies the project to take away control of the cultural narrative from feminism. We call this project the battle for feminism's soul.

To take control of the narrative means, among other things, to dump an entirely different conceptual reality upon them with no prior explanation or preparation of any kind. For them, it would be like walking into a movie halfway through -- although that comparison hardly does justice to the radical nature of what we are proposing. The point is, that they have had more than enough time to tell the rest of the world what reality is. Now it is their turn to shut up and experience life on the receiving end.

The treatment that we would dish out, differs in no essential point from how they have treated the rest of the world for nearly half a century. From henceforth, every settled notion of theirs will be jostled in the common marketplace of ideas like it was just any old thing. No more epistemic privilege of any kind, and no more pampering of their aesthetic sensibilities or lexical conventions. Thuswise they will fare. And they will lick it up, and they will like it.


  1. A woman is whining because her daughter’s husband has taken her children away from her, and is requesting people to please help her.

    I pointed out that TENS OF MILLIONS of MEN have had their children kidnapped by women, and the women REFUSED to help the men. So why should we help you women? And the reaction? The usual male-shaming language and man-hating feminist bullshit. How surprising.

    Here’s the full convo. To see my replies, scroll down to User ID 20438149


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