Thursday, February 7, 2013

The "Good" is Separable From Feminism

The respectable or noble parts of feminism do not compose feminism's soul because they do not quintessentially belong to feminism. Rather, they belong to the world at large, to the realm of liberal humanist homily, to the body of traditional opinion about fair play, common decency and the like. And if these were broken loose from feminism they could just as well sail under their own flag. Certainly, they do not require a new-fangled monikker like "feminism". And yet they obscure the vital presence of that OTHER feminism, the not-nice kind which operates only to boost the female-supremacist agenda.

Already, I can hear a howl of protest. "No! That's NOT what feminism really is!"

And I would reply: "Bad luck! You've had YEARS to tell the world what feminism really is. Now the world tells feminism what feminism really is!"


  1. True. Most people who think they are feminists are really humanist. Only because of the demonization of men does the appearance of oppression exist. As long as people think that men are "in power" people can believe that they need to call themselves feminists and harbour animosity toward men. They are blind to the pain they are causing because they don't realize that hatred resides in them.

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