Monday, February 4, 2013

To Control or to be Controlled

The meaning of the verb "to control" varies to suit what the feminist agenda requires at a given moment. For example, the feminists like to say that "men must control themselves", but they only say this in a certain context. In a different context, a man who indeed controls himself might be condemned by them as a "control freak" or the like. However, they want no man to control himself in such a way that women cannot regulate his existence. In other words, they want every man to govern himself under the feminist occupation -- or to "work with feminism" as they term it. But make no mistake, they don't look kindly upon any man who is spiritually autonomous and self-respecting.


  1. It truly is an occupation and it has begun to be overt, whereas before it was clandestine. Feminists have started to gloat over their power - a faint murmur among the guards at this point, but it will grow to loud cheers in the near future. At that point, Marxist feminism will be in full view and cannot remain hidden. It is then that mens rights will either overthrow the interlopers or become an underground resistance movement.

    1. the culture itself is being boxed into a corner by feminism! its up to people to either resist by realizing how evil and fuckin ridiculous the agendas of the Mainstream media and feminism are, or to stupidly go along, and for men, they need to wake the hell up from their stupor and stop supporting ideas that just dont work anymore! they do need to care about fellow men for a change.

    2. Yea, I have caught some of that murmuring among the guards.

  2. Michael,
    Yes, the culture is boxed in. But, the populace is largely unaware. The constructors of the occupation have carefully placed the blockades in rarely used avenues of exit, but the exits have been pretty much sealed.

    They have also convinced the general populace that they don't want to do anything "wrong" to upset the guards. It's not until they witness atrocities, loss of freedom and injustice that they'll begin to wake up and realize what has happened.

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