Wednesday, December 26, 2012

De Facto Feminists Who Curse Feminism

There are traditionalist women who rail bitterly against feminism only because it has deprived them of some womanly benefit which they believe they once possessed. Never do they say a word about what feminism has done TO MEN, specifically. Such women are utterly gynocentric, and wouldn't bat an eye about false accusation of rape, for example. But mercy-sakes how they love to carry on about the death of chivalry! Damn that terrible feminism for killing chivalry, and turning men into unmarriagable louts.Damn that feminism for causing men to objectify women! DAMN that feminism!

Such females are feminist in all but name. They may be culturally of the Right, but feminism is a product of Right and Left equally, since it would be impossible to exploit men effectively if the attack were not mounted from both ends of the spectrum.

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