Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Feminism Cannot be Reasoned With

Feminism, otherwise known as female supremacism, is a trend that will prove unsustainable in the long run. If permitted to continue, it will spawn a future of grief, calamity, human wreckage, and civilizational meltdown. I suspect that a lot of us would rather not see that happen. I know I'd rather not.

Feminism is a mental disease that rots the human capacity to see objective facts for what they are. Each participant in the feminist cult is shielded by a communal force field of invincible ignorance that repels any projectile of truth (or even reasonable doubt) from the outside world -- and no combination of argument or gentle persuasion will ever change this! So if you are unacquainted with how feminism operates, take a tip from those who have spent years talking round and round the mulberry bush with every kind of feminist there is. We know them well, we know they are incorrigible, and we know they will never change until a dynamic outside force compels them to do so.  

And so we look upon feminism as we would look upon any other dangerous lunatic who cannot be reasoned with, but must be locked up for the good of all. The question is not whether feminism should be eased out of business, but how. The imperative for strictly ethical dealing is problematized, but we would reject the use of physical violence unless violence from their side forces us to answer like with like. It is best that they should be the ones who do the violence. Our task is to chronicle their behavior for the enlightenment of posterity.


  1. In other words, you're dealing with anti-male bigots. If more men realized that fact, their dealings with women (from cultures steeped in feminist ideology) would be a lot more circumspect!

  2. Anti-male bigots and their enablers.

    The problem is, that almost any political action against all of this will be framed as further evidence of "misogyny", which will justify even more anti-male bigotry, which will in turn lead to more "misogyny", and on and on the snowball grows.

    Eventually, it will climax in a very toxic social disaster.