Thursday, December 27, 2012

Feminism is a Spherical Argument

A circular argument is a style of fallacious logic which assumes the truth of its conclusion beforehand, in order to establish the truth of that conclusion. Which is to say, it is self-validating. A circular argument is easy to refute.

A spherical argument is an ecology of interwoven circular arguments that cross-reference and cross-validate each other with no reference beyond the conceptual space which their activity generates. A spherical argument is vastly more complicated than a circular argument, which makes it vastly more difficult to refute.

A system of cultural logic may be considered a spherical argument, and a spherical argument may be considered a paradigm. So at the heart of a culture, a cultural paradigm is embedded. And to refute a cultural paradigm is as difficult as to refute any other spherical argument, if not more so.

Feminism is a spherical argument which has gained the status of a cultural paradigm. That is what makes it so formidable.

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  1. similar, to "im a christian" -" and what's a christian?"- "someone who believes in christianity!"

    "im a feminist" "and whats that?" "someone who believes in feminism!" "and what is feminism about?" "the belief in that women are equal!" "and what is equality?" "the fight for women's equal rights silly!" ; )