Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Aggressor Sets the Terms of Engagement

If an entity commits aggression against you, you are entitled to answer with a proportional or analogous aggression. Accordingly, if Frank Jones throws popcorn at you, you are entitled to answer this proportionally and analogously, by throwing popcorn back at him. If Frank throws rocks at you, you are entitled to answer this proportionally and analogously by throwing rocks back at him, or proportionally in terms of violence by throwing  punches at him. And if Frank attacks you with lethal force, you are entitled to answer this proportionally or analogously with lethal force of whatever kind.

In a nutshell:  the aggressor sets the terms of engagement.

Feminism, as an innovative social force in the world, has acted the part of an aggressor. Accordingly, feminism has set the terms of engagement with whatever is not feminist. The latter, therefore, is entitled to answer feminist aggression proportionally or analogously. And it should be an ongoing project to catalogue the forms, manners and degrees of feminist aggression. In this way, proportional or analogous response modes may be formulated and put into practice.


  1. I agree. But only powerless victims react that way, fighting fire with fire. If a child hit me, I could hit him back with the same force he managed to muster(which wouldn´t be much). But I could also refrain from hitting him and teach him better ways to express whatever it is he wants to express.

    I´m not saying I´ve never paid back feminists with their own currency. I have, many times. I´m just saying the rest of us could also think of ways to be better than them (shouldn´t be too hard).

  2. We are free to act as we will and vary our approaches. But the aggressor still sets the terms, meaning that the aggressor licenses in return whatever he dishes out.