Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Equality" is a Feminist Scam

The dictionary definition of feminism runs as follows: "The doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men." 

This definition is inadequate owing to the problematic nature of the term "equality", which has no stable meaning outside the realm of mathematics. Consequently, the meaning can perennially be refreshed, reframed or updated so that new demands for "equality" can always be put forward. Accordingly, there will never be enough "equality", and feminism will never go out of business because it will always find new "inequality" in need of correction. So in practice, the tangible and intangible goods of life will be siphoned in a one-way flow from male to female and the female share of "equality" will increasingly dwarf the male share.


  1. classic, im so tired of hearing "equality" and im also a bit dissapointed in mras who claim they stand on "equality" as well, their version of "equality" may be more fair than women's version, or the mainstream's version, but still, it can be a flawed one!

    i had a very tense conversation with a snide "red shifter" claiming "you say youre not 'sexist' while saying that men are better than women in almost eveyrthing" what i was really talking about was how the nature of the military is masculine and women have little use, but he had to reframe it as sexist, then went on about how hes an "egalitarian" i was so annoyed...

    pretty tough dealing with that person who you know whose been indoctrinated...

  2. I would say to that person: "What is 'sexist', and why do you claim that I fit the profle?"