Sunday, December 9, 2012

Feminism is a War on Everybody

Feminism is a unilateral war on men. 

However, you cannot make war on half the human race without consequences for the other half. 

Therefore, feminism is a collateral war on everybody.


  1. They claim they fight the Patriarchy which does not include all men, but their actions are designed to hurt the individual man rather than the so called "elite group of men". On a separate note, the feminist indoctrination of women from early age cause the average woman to feel entitled to what feminism says they deserve, which could be set to a standard higher than the average man would actually accept or could handle... As a reaction, the man interpretes the situation as female nature rather than indoctrination; thus causing negative attitudes in future relationships, which at the end leaves both male and female feeling undervalued... That is just one of many ways feminism hurts us all. I'm positive there are many other ways feminism hurts everybody. Whether if it's through political corruption or economic opportunism.