Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Respecting Women" is a Null Concept

"Respecting women" is a null concept, because there is no existing entity "women" to which the action of "respecting" could meaningfully be applied. 

"Women" is an abstraction. 

It is only possible to respect woman A, woman B, woman C, etc... 

But not "women". 

That said, one should add that the respectability index may vary considerably from woman A to woman B to woman C, etc....


  1. "respectability index" I like that concept and all of the characteristics that contribute to such an index are not based on biological sex but on observable actions and behaviour.

  2. Best thing I have heard.

    I have always said, "respect is something you have to earn, it is not something that gets thrown your way for no reason".

  3. Equality, man. Very well worded.