Thursday, December 20, 2012

You Can't Turn Back the Clock

If we could restore the pre-feminist world exactly as it was, we would restore the same conditions -- or vulnerablities -- which permitted feminism to take hold in the first place. And this is where the troglo-conservative anti-feminists (e.g. Jack Donovan) miss the boat, big time. They wish to to roll back the calendar to a particular status quo pro ante, and to ignore the lessons of history. For we ought to have learned by now that the former state of life was, in a profoundly consequential way, supportive of feminism.  It was like a computer system with a security hole which allowed the feminist hacker exploit to happen. So in order ensure that it doesn't happen again, we must rebuild the firewall according to a very different plan. And nothing less than a cultural paradigm-shift will make this possible.

Yes, you can forget about going back to some imaginary good old days of  "the patriarchy". It ain't happening, folks. We have nowhere to go but forward into the post-feminist future. And what will that future look like? Well I can tell you this much: the feminists will hate it, but so will the troglos. So brace yourself for life in the crossfire!

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